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Why include fermented foods in your diet?

Why include fermented foods in your diet?

16 July 2022

Fermented foods and beverages play a very important role in our gastrointestinal health and our overall health. Several studies have linked the intake of fermented foods with the prevention of certain diseases, as well asmo with the improvement of the immune and emotional state and, of course, the improvement of our digestive process. Discover in this post how our body changes with the usual intake of fermented foods.

How puHow can your body change if you drink fermented foods?
Fermented foods such as kombucha tea are widely recognized as a source of probiotics, microorganisms with beneficial effects on health. And it is that, the habitual intake of foodFermented coughs have been shown to be the natural solution to reduce infections, fight inflammation, constipation, improve digestion, improve heart health, and boost the immune system.

Favors lossof weight
Research on how our gut health influences weight is in full swing. People who consume probiotics have been found to presentBefore regularly fermented, they lose weight more easily and steadily. In these investigations, the people who consumed them lost approximately 8% of abdominal fat in a short time.

It favors the transit intestinal
The habitual intake of fermented foods, according torequency-in-healthy-subjects-with-low-defecation-frequency-and-abdominal-discomfort-a-randomised-doubleblind-placebocontrolled-parallelgroup-trial/C5AE26FCBEEE3F687E4A3793B3AF757D">estudios recientes, contribuyen a una mejora de la flora intestinal yThey thus promote an improvement in bowel movements and significantly reduce bowel transit time.

Immune system stimulation:
According3023 / "> recent reviews, regularly take foods such as kombucha, provides different beneficial bacteria, increasing the diversity of the intestinal flora and promoting the proper functioning of the immune system, thus avoiding,that we fall into a cold or flu.

Mood disorders and depression
The idea that bacteria in the gut affect behavior is not new.16-5085 (17) 35557-9 / fulltext? Referrer = https% 3A% 2F% 2Fwww.supersmart.com% 2F "> Studies have shown that regular intake of probiotics increases the neurochemicals of happiness (dopamine and serotonin). Greater gut health, greater happiness.
They take care of cardiovascular health
It has been verified through various reviewsScientific evidence that probiotic bacteria, present in fermented foods, reduce cholesterol by reducing its absorption. Thus, fermented foods are the perfect allies to prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases.lares.

Feel good inside and out, regularly introducing fermented foods to your diet. Combine them with a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and feel all its benefitss. There is no more delicious way to take care of yourself.

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