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TOFI are you thin and obese at the same time?

TOFI are you thin and obese at the same time?

Mireia Cervera 06 June 2017
The first thing we should know is: SLIM DOES NOT MEAN BEING HEALTHY.

The "false thin" are people who, despite having a weight according to their height, have characteristics that are associated with obesity, such as cardiovascular disease, high risk of diabetes and high percentage ofvisceral fat. This type of obesity (false thin) is related to a poor and unbalanced diet, as well as a sedentary life. Our total weight is the sum of different tissues , the fat, the bone, the muscular, thewater ... So we can weigh little, but hide a high level of body fat, especially visceral. Visceral fat is the most dangerous; it is stored in the organs, it is different from the subcutaneous one, and it is not so easily seen. AlrAbout 20% of the population suffers from it, but it is very difficult to detect due to the deceptive effect of thinness.

The scientific community has baptized these "false thin" as skinny fat (chubby) and the Americans have designated it with the acronym TOFI "Thin on the outsude, fat on the inside", thin on the outside and fat on the inside.

nutrition is not linked to the amount of food but to balance andquality of it.

The main danger of being "TOFI" lies in ignorance . By looking thin, you think you are safe. You are not aware that you may be storing visceral fatand the risk that this entails. Stress, excess foods rich in fructose or light drinks, thinking that they are not fattening, a diet rich in protein of animal origin or avoiding fat in food at all costs ... can promote accumulationtion of fat in vital organs such as the liver.

How to avoid being a TOFI?

Move more : walk, climb stairs, run, do moderate exercise ... experts recall that the human body has been designed for movement.

Increase the morea muscle: the higher the percentage of muscle, the more efficient the metabolism and the lower the risk of developing visceral fat.

Change white flours and sugars for whole grains, vegetables, fruits, legumbres ...

Eat foods rich in healthy fats : nuts, olive oil, seeds, blue fish ...

Avoid saturated and trans fats


Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale