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Everything you need to know about a detox plan

Everything you need to know about a detox plan

01 March 2021

Are you thinking of doing one of our detox plans but you are not sure if it is worth doing just a few days? Are you thinking about the nutritional consequences it can have? Read this post where we clarify doubts, fears and explains what effects it has on our body.

If we look for scientific studies on the practice of "intermittent fasting" ( fasting in English), we find hundreds of results that demonstrate its benefits forOur organism. Fasting is a forgotten path to health that has been practiced by most of the peoples of the world. Detox plans are a gentle and lowered version of these ancient practices.

Intermittent fasting or IF(Intermitteng Fasting) is a way of eating that is mainly based on periods of fasting and periods of ingestion of food.

It is not a new technique, since for thousands of years cultures from both the East and the West have practiced different periods of fasting. Similarly, children and animals, guided by their own instincts, stop eating when they are sick or empachados. There are different types: absolute fasting, semi-fasting with fruits, or based on juices such as our detox plans (the most suitable for people who have no experience with fasting, since the body continues to receive large amounts of vitamins).nas and nutrients), fasting infusions, broths, syrups ...

Which has benefits?
The body naturally removes toxins through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system, and skin. However, when these systems are compromised, due to lack of rest, poor diet, stress and many other factors, impurities are not filtered properly and the body is negatively affected, manifesting inflammation, migraines, insomnia, tiredness, allergies ...
Recent studies have suggested that the practice of fasting has many health benefits, from increased weight loss, anti-aging effectaging, lipid profile improvement, even better brain function. Next, through scientific studies, we will briefly review 5 of its main benefits:

Abstain from allYou or certain foods and drinks should lower your total calorie intake, which could lead to further weight loss over time. Some studies have found thatshort-term fasting can speed up metabolism by increasing levels of the neurotransmitters norepinephrine and orexin, which may contribute to weight loss.

Speaking specifically of agingEating, fasting, and caloric restriction is probably the most studied “antiaging” dietary strategy in the last century. Recent studies show that SIRT3, proteine of youth, delaying the effects of aging. Additionally, several studies have found promising results on the possible effects of ayone that lengthens life.
While acute inflammation is a normal immune process that helps fight infection, chronic inflammation can have health consequences, such as the development of cardiovascular disease, hypothyroidismidism, rheumatoid arthritis ...

Reduces inflammation
Somemmation%20can%20have%20serious%20consequences%20for%20your%20health.%20%20Research%20shows%20that%20inflammation%20may%20be%20involved%20in%20the%20development%20of%20chronic%20conditions,%20such%20as%20heart%20disease,%20cancer%20and%20rheumatoid%20arthritis%20(4Trusted%20Source).%20%20Some%20studies%20have%20found%20that%20fasting%20can%20help%20decrease%20levels%20of%20inflammation%20and%20help%20promote%20better%20health.%20%20One%20study%20in%2050%20healthy%20adults%20showed%20that%20intermittent%20fasting%20for%20one%20month%20significantly%20decreased%20levels%20of%20inflammatory%20markers%20(5Trusted%20Source).%20%20Another%20small%20study%20discovered%20the%20same%20effect%20when%20people%20fasted%20for%2012%20hours%20a%20day%20for%20one%20month%20(6Trusted%20Source).%20%20What’s%20more,%20one%20animal%20study%20found%20that%20following%20a%20very%20low-calorie%20diet%20to%20mimic%20the%20effects%20of%20fasting%20reduced%20levels%20of%20inflammation%20and%20was%20beneficial%20in%20the%20treatment% 20of% 20multiple% 20sclerosis,% 20a% 20chronic% 20inflammatory% 20condition% 20 (7Trusted% 20Source). "> Research has found that fasting can help lower levels of inflammation and help promote better health.

Several studies have also found that fasting can improve cblood sugar control, which may be especially helpful for people at risk for diabetes. Another review found that both intermittent fasting and fasting on days perThese three were as effective as limiting calorie intake in reducing insulin resistance.

Increases brain function
Several reviews haven found that fasting could have a powerful effect on brain health and activity.

Is it for everyone? Do you have risks?
It is totally discouraged to carry out this type of practice during pregnancy.zo and lactation, it is a stage in which you cannot allow yourself to take only soups and juices, much less fast.
For the rest, in principle yes, but like everything in life, it is more useful in some cases than in others.

We recommend youBe cautious if you have had a bad relationship with food or have suffered from eating disorders, the most appropriate thing for you is to follow a balanced and healthy eating pattern, and if it is guided by a professional, all the better.
Furthermore, all lor good in excess ends up being bad, and this also applies in detox plans.

And finally, fasting is not the solution to all our problems, despite all its benefits, it is not a panacea. A healthy lifestyle junEating a good diet is much better, for example, than fasting and eating poorly.

The key is in balance!

Find the plan that best suits your goals and lifestyle at//flaxandkale.com/planes-detox">https://flaxandkale.com/planes-detox