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The successes of Messis diet

The successes of Messi's diet

Teresa Carles 12 March 2016

To think that the spectacular and stratospheric performance of Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini responds exclusively to his inexhaustible talent, would be an absurdity worth studying. In his process of maturation and almost beatification, he has paFrom the human to the divine, countless factors intervene: understanding of the game, leadership on the field, regularity, monstrous scoring ability, insatiable competitive spirit and improved physical ability. In this post we will stop atnalizar this last factor, the reason for Messi's physical improvement and how it relates to his diet .

Gone are the past times in which footballers lived simply on their talent. WhoHave you not heard of the legends, or not, that Cruyff had a snack and smoked a cigarette in the middle of each game? Or that the great Kubala arrived at the start of a game with a hangover and asked his teammates to hold on andThe result in the first half, that in the second he would feel better and could decide the match? Episodes of this type, in the hyper-professionalized football in which we live, are real chimeras. The players, aside from a technicalWith a refined brain and a pressure- and pump-proof brain, they must be authentic athletes and their diet plays an important role.

In the first stretch of Messi's professional career, nursing was a constant. Benevole characterRijkaad's earnest and little interventionist did not help, and Leo's nutritional malpractice led to constant muscle breaks and periodic injuries that prevented the continuous development of his football torrent.

Until it cameGuardiola; with Santpedor's they changed the eating habits of Barça footballers. Especially flagrant was the case of Messi, who dragged a truffled diet of carbonated soft drinks, pizza and roasts. Under the tutAs for Pep, Leo discovered an almost secret food for him: fish, which was the main axis of that diet, while introducing large amounts of vegetables and fruits to the detriment of carbohydrates.

The nutritional base is based on organic, whole, seasonal and local foods
Teresa Carles Teresa Carles began her professional career in 1979 with the opening of El Paradís, the first vegetarian restaurant in Lleida. Since then, Teresa has been a pioneer and champion of the vegetarian and healthy revolution. His restaurant Teresa CArles, to which it gives its name and essence, is the great benchmark for vegetarian cuisine in Spain. In recent years his philosophy and wisdom have spread with the opening of the Flax & Kale restaurants, Teresa's Stairway by Flax & Kale,and the launch of Flax & Kale Goods.