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The peach and its properties

The peach and its properties

Mireia Cervera 06 September 2016

The peach is a popular summer fruit. If you are not yet a fan of its consumption, it is because you surely do not know the properties of this wonderful fruit and all the benefits that its consumption brings. Find out belowuacion!

It originally comes from ancient Persia, and from there it went to Greece and then to the rest of Europe, where its consumption began to become widespread in the Middle Ages. Spain is a peach- producing country,those of Calanda, in Aragon, and those of Ordal in Catalonia are famous.

This summer delight is the fruit of the peach tree, a tree of the Rosaceae family . currently there are more than two thousand varieties of peach yellow-fleshed peach , the white-fleshed peach, the Paraguayan and the nectarine.

ThePeach has a sweet and pleasant taste, and is a very appetizing juicy fruit in the summer months. It provides a low amount of sugars, so its caloric value makes it suitable to be consumed in weight control diets and for peoplewith diabetes (always taking into account the consumption ration). The number of water-soluble vitamins it contains is wide, without highlighting any in particular. Among its mineral composition, potassium stands out, and in discrete quantities, magnesium andthe iodine. Like the rest of fruits and vegetables with a yellow or orange color, the peach contains beta-carotenes that help protect us from cardiovascular, degenerative diseases and cancer. As well as the mantcontrol of our sight, skin, hair, mucous membranes and bones. Its fiber content gives it laxative properties.

Peaches are ideal fruits for the summer season . When buying them, those that do not have stains or bumps and are firm to the touch should be selected. The olor has to be smooth, aromatic and fruity. Once at home, the greenest ones should be left at room temperature until they mature. On the other hand, the ripe ones can be kept up to rt weeks in the fridge.

With him-melon-y-sus-properties "> melon and watermelon , the peach is one of the most characteristic fruits of the Spanish summer. Although it is a delicious fruitsa by itself; It also gives us a lot of play to combine with all kinds of dishes: in savory recipes - as a garnish, in salads, gazpachos, crepes or to complement the main ingredient - and in sweet recipes - in cakes, jams, juices, smoothiesand jams-.

It is not surprising that it is one of the most consumed fruits in the world, and it is not for less, since it not only refreshes and provides a sweet flavor, but is rich in nutrients, antioxidants and versatile in the kitchen.being able to be used in thousands of recipes. Take advantage of the fact that it is the season and it is in all its splendor.

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale