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Antiaging feeding

TC TALK 9: Antiaging feeding

Mireia Cervera 16 November 2022

On November 15, our Teresa Carles Lleida restaurant opened its doors to celebrate Teresa Carles Talk 9: Aging food. What to eat to reach 100 years? From the hand of Dietitian-Nutritionist Montse Paüls Arrià, expert in integrative nutrition and diabetes educator.

Delay aging, extend life and maintain a good quality of life, preserving physical and mental faculties is the desire of most ofmortals. The latest research shows that diet is a key factor. In this Talk, Montse Paüls Arrià , gave us all the guidelines and tips for an antiaging diet

We cannot avoid having a birthday, but we can stop and treat some of the manifestations of aging

The speaker began by explaining what antiaging means and knowing how to differentiate between chronological age and biological age. Antiaging is a branch of medicine that deals with the study of longevity and the prevention of the processesdegenerative diseases associated with age, in addition to promoting a good quality of life. Among its objectives are the prevention of diseases and detoxify the body of toxic waste from environmental pollution and the goal itself.bowling of the person.

We cannot avoid having a birthday, but we can stop and treat some of the manifestations of premature aging, through a good combination of foods.

Vitamin E Vitamin C improves skin firmnessby activating the production of collagen, necessary to improve the elasticity of the skin. We find it in citrus fruits, in Kale, peppers and kiwi. And finally, vitamin A , which is essential for regeneratingation of the body's tissues. Oily fish and eggs are a good source of vitamin A, as well as vegetables rich in beta-carotene (pumpkin, carrots, spinach, broccoli ...) that are precursors of vitamin A.

In nuesTra food, you can not miss, either, the trace elements. The most important for an antiaging diet are iron, selenium, manganese, copper and zinc. That we find them in foods such as fish, nuts, camhard of beer, seafood, whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

Finally, the speaker concluded that diet is very important, but so is doing moderate exercise and managing stress. They are all factorsfundamental to fight against the passage of time.

If you couldn't attend the event or just want to see Talk again, don't miss our YouTube channel ,where we are publishing all the talks.

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale

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