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Kombucha Marcha (6 flavors)

Kombucha Marcha (6 flavors)

Millions of bubbles. Billions of probiotics. The healthy soda that your palate will enjoy and that your immune system will appreciate.

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Possibly the healthiest soft drink in the world.

Water can be boring, conventional soft drinks contain huge amounts of sugar, beer and wine contain alcohol ... Is there really a drink that makes you enjoy yourself and that not only does not harm your health but also contributesto improve it? Yes, it exists and it is called kombucha . If you have ever tasted it, you may remember it as rather sour, but it is forbidden to generalize! Our recipes, based on those of nuThese cold-pressed juices are highly flavorful and, together with the perfect amount of bubbles, make Flax & Kale kombuchas the best on the market. Try all 6 and choose your favorite!

It tastes so good.

Feels even better.

Due to its content of B group vitamins, it contributes to maintaining an active metabolism and obtaining 100% natural energy faster.

The enzymes, bacteria and other secondary metabolites of the fermentation process have a great detoxification capacity of the body.

The compounds in green and black tea are increased during kombucha fermentation and facilitate the elimination of free radicals from the body.

In live culture foods, such as kombucha, we ingest bacteria that help digest food and produce multiple protective compounds.

The bacteria in kombucha can stimulate the production of certain components of the immune system. These bacteria together with yeasts also act as probiotics.

Its rich contribution in B vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, copper and manganese, contributes to improving energy levels in a refreshing naturally carbonated drink.

Conservation and consumption

If you want more information on the conservation and consumption methods of chilled beverages, consult our frequently asked questions section.

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