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We love you veggie much!


In the center of Lleida, in Ricardo Viñes Square, you will find our restaurant with high ceilings, exposed work and a combination of vintage and modern furniture that welcome you to the fascinating world of Teresa Carles' cuisine. A space thatl like its Barcelona namesake, it combines an attractive and handcrafted design.

Don't forget to enjoy your favorite dishes outdoors on our terrace.

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It's healthy. It is tasty. It is sustainable.

  • We prioritize seasonal products

    We prioritize seasonal products

    It not only prolongs the maturation of the food in the plant to the maximum and avoids its passage through refrigeration chambers, but also its transport over long distances. This improves the traceability of food, reduces energy expenditure and tAlso pollution (emission of gases, material for packaging or warehouses, among others).

    Producing and consuming seasonal vegetables and fruits also contributes to respecting the social environment: when we buy directly in the area ofproduction, we benefit local commerce and indirectly promote the activity of the small farmer.

  • Renewable energy

    Renewable energy

    To contribute to the achievement of goal 7 of the SDGs, Flax & Kale sources 100% of energy that comes from renewable and inexhaustible sources. Our suppliers must certify a 100% green energy source. This energy comes from: eWind energy, photovoltaic solar energy, energy valuation (from waste), biogas, biomass and hydraulic energy.