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Happiness is a matter of digestion

FLAX & KALE Talk: Happiness is a matter of digestion

Mireia Cervera 13 July 2016

On July 12, we celebrated our 5 Flax & Kale Talks in the Ramon Barri auditorium on a very topical topic - PRobiotics and Health - from the hand of Nutritionist Carolina Harboe, Bachelor of Science and Food Technology.

As always, the room was packed and many people stayed on the waiting list wanting to learn about the probiotics: what role they have on our health, what can be done to keep our bacterial flora healthy and other very interesting things that Carolina Harboe explained to us. She is a technologist dIn food, he has a Master's degree in Dietetics and Nutrition and his current passion is Living Food.

Carolina Harboe explained to us in detail where bacteria come from, because they are impreThey are essential for our health, and because they are part of us, our environment and the reason why it is impossible to live without these critters. He also shared many useful tips to be able to be friends with our microfiber and maintain good health.d general thanks to it.

Carolina stated that the fact that hygiene plays a very important role in the food industry and in general in the way of life, especially in developed countries, is one of the reasons whythose of us who have altered bacterial flora and that is why we develop many diseases.

The attendees showed a huge interest in the subject! Enthusiastic they did not stop asking questions to the speaker, that if the fermented dairy sThey are just as healthy as vegans, that if the alterations of the bacterial flora are related to our mind as well as neuronal diseases; how many and what type of probiotics to take according to each case, etc.

Carolina stated that bacteria play a fundamental role in the state of our health and we must take care of them daily

At the end of the round of questions we had the richest part - the tasting of dishes from the menu of our restaurant Flax & Kale - previously agreed with Carolina - rich probiotics alreadylive foods. That's why our Chef in Charge Teresa Carles prepared a delicious plate of Greek Coconut Parfaitwith homemade coconut yogurt, an ideal source of probiotics, also lactose-free and suitable for vegans! The other dish was Green Medicine Green Juice, packed with live foods such as dandelion, parsley, kale and other plants packeds of highly active phytonutrients, which help keep our microflora in optimal conditions.

If you could not attend the event and / or want to see the presentation in more detail, write to us at with the subjector "Presentation_5ª Flax & Kale Talk". And we will provide you with the pdf of the presentation through the mail.

Also, remember that very soon we will upload the video with the talk on our YouTube channel. We will let you know!

OtherTo thing, do not forget that we continue with our talks. In August we take a little vacation and start again in September. Here Flax & Kale Facebook page 8-10 days before the day of the talks, stay tunedYou, the tickets are running out soon!

Finally we want to add that we would be very excited to see you all at the next Flax & Kale Talks event ,scheduled for next September 21. The guest will be Adam Martín, a famous journalist and writer, as well as the father of three children, who will talk about the feeding of the little ones in the house with the title of the talk "Infant NutritionUseful: Teach your children to eat easily and healthily. "

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale