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The importance of decorating the dishes

The importance of decorating the dishes

Mireia Cervera 10 August 2021

How many times have you been to a restaurant, have you seen a dish pass by and without really knowing what it was, you had already decided that you were going to order it? Today we talk about the importance of the presentation of the dishes and we give you some tips to apply them in casa.

At Flax & Kale we attach great importance to the presentation of the dishes and we dedicate great efforts to taking care of the presentation so that the dish is appetizing and eye-catching. Often the visual appeal of a plate plays a critical role.ucial in the dining experience of the diner, as does the taste. If the presentation is worked, our diner will wake up the appetite.

Presenting a dish not only involves arranging the main ingredients such as vegetables, sauces, garnishes and other decorative elements, but also knowing how to play with the appropriate color combinations of those elements. Ideally, create a preseConsistent connection between the aesthetics, the flavor and the elements of the dish. A nice dish is useless but has a mediocre taste.

Likewise, the choice of crockery is also important, which is usually white, parto highlight the colors of the food. Although, of course, we can play with this element to make the presentation of our dishes more surprising and photographic.

Here are some basic rules and sencillas to decorate your dishes to make them even more appetizing:

  • The plate should be of a different color than the food: white plates are the most used, since they generally go well with the vast majority of foodswithout creating contrast problems. It is easy to highlight the visual appeal of food through this color.
  • Food should be the center of attention: the main ingredient should always be the protagonist and will be the center of theplating, and the rest of the ingredients will be arranged from the location of the main one.
  • Colors on the plate: playing with the contrast of the colors enhances the plate more. Dishes should be avoided to be monochromatic. If heplate makes it difficult to see the different colors you can play with the decorations (flowers, seeds, herbs ...).
  • Use decorative elements: even if they are not purely decorative, since they will add flavor and texture to the dish, their purpose andIt is more aesthetic than organoleptic. They are the salads, seeds, herbs and edible flowers that often accompany and decorate our dishes.

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale