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Healthy cooking: Is it possible to eat healthy and balanced at Christmas?

Talk 9: Healthy cooking: Is it possible to eat healthy and balanced at Christmas?

Mireia Cervera 15 December 2016

Once again, on December 14, our Ramon Barri Auditorium opened its doors to celebrate our Flax & Kale Talk 9 . From the hand of Ana Belén Fraile, an expert in naturist nutrition and healthy cooking, we discovered that Christmasis can be healthy.

Christmas is a time when we get together with our family and friends, and in most of those gatherings food is the strong point. The menus of these parties are a "minefield" of temptations with altThe contents of sugar, salt and saturated fat. Escudella, cannelloni, suckling pig, nougat, chocolates and polvorones for dessert. Copious and caloric dishes that make us gain weight and lose our good habits that we manage to maintain with great effortrzo and dedication for the rest of the year. However, this does not have to be like this. That is why Ana Belén Fraile, an expert in naturist food and natural cuisine , explained to us how to enjoy the holidays in a healthy way.hey conscious.

Ideas for the Christmas menu

" The act of feeding is not limited exclusively to taste or smell, but rather the 5 senses are involved. How many times have we heard that food enters through the eyes? "; the speaker began. " The sense of sight is one of thefirst by which we perceive the food. It is important that our healthy dishes are visibly attractive, "continued Ana." If what you perceive is pleasant, you are more likely to take it. Another important sense is smell. YesWe like the smell that comes to us, inevitably our appetite opens up, even if we are not hungry, "he continued." We perceive the sense of touch through the mouth, which indicates the texture and temperature of the food. And finally, the meaningor of the ear that participates, although to a lesser extent, by giving us information: the sound in cooking food, when chewing certain foods, the music of the plates and cutlery ... ".

"Start your Christmas meals with Vegetathem, if possible without cooking, which are the way in which they offer the most micronutrients. Prepare salads rich in digestive enzymes with ingredients like papaya, pineapple and sprouts. All seasoned with healthy and original dressings ",proposed Ana Fraile. " For a healthy Christmas it is also important to make combinations of foods that facilitate their digestion; for example, mixing vegetables with cereals and vegetables with animal proteins (preferably foods fromsea) or vegetables (tofu, tempeh, seitan, quinoa ...) thus avoiding the annoying flatulence and heavy digestion ".

For desserts, Ana advised us to continue eating the traditional ones (powders, cakes, cakes, nougat) butusing for its preparation whole wheat flours and preferably gluten-free (buckwheat, rice, almond flour) and natural sweeteners (stevia, agave syrup, coconut sugar, birch sugar) thus avoiding that our páncreas work too hard and protect ourselves from the development of metabolic syndrome.

In short, with a little imagination and creativity, a balanced menu can be designed by choosing the products well or preparing recipes out of the ordinary. Surely you will surprise your guests with an original dinner or meal, greetle and light. In fact, in our restaurant Flax & Kale you can find in our dishes many ideas to prepare healthy, delicious and extremely attractive dishes at the same time as healthy. At the end ofAna's talk highlighted the most important point of a healthy diet and lifestyle; "Eating , whatever it may be, must be conscious. When we eat we must enjoy the moment, without distractions or haste ".

The final note

Once the presentation was over and after the question session, as always, a Healthy Christmas dish was served as a tasting: gluten-free cannelloni with relleno of assorted mushrooms and Kale bechamel sauce, and for dessert a vegan cake with two chocolate textures (eiquiiiiiisima).

If you couldn't attend the event or just want to see thevjciLag4o "> talk, don't miss our YouTube channel, where we are publishing all the Talks

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale