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The secret of your health is in your intestine

The secret of your health is in your intestine

Mireia Cervera 09 April 2021

With the rise of kombucha and other fermented foods, it's clear that gut health is key to keeping the body healthy. Overweight, depression, allergies ... seem to be closely related to bad saltud intestinal, this is demonstrated by the most recent research. Discover in this post the best diet for your intestine.

Our intestinal health depends on our floraintestinal or microbiota , which encompasses the entire community of microscopic organisms that live in our intestines. We are not talking about 4 or 100: there are billions of them. And the vast majority are bacteria.

Fermented foods play a critical role in digestive health and overall health.

The intestinal microbiota not only affects our digestion, but also affects our mood , our immune system , inflammation and even our risk of suffering Scientists have discovered that the lack of diversity in the type of bacteria in our gut is linked to many modern diseases.

Fortake care of our digestive and general health, we must take care of our microbiota and promote its diversity. It must be taken into account that a very varied diet rich in vegetable fibers is associated with a greater diversity of our intestinal flora and, <strong> therefore healthier.

Fermented foods play a very important role in our gastrointestinal health and in our health in general since they constitute the best source of probiotics, from toI have been honored in promoting good gut health. Several studies have linked the intake of fermented products rich in probiotics with the prevention of certain diseases,as well as with the improvement of the immune and emotional state and, of course, the improvement of our digestive process.

Surely you are already consuming, to a greater or lesser extent, some fermented food (probiotic) without knowing it, but in thediversity is richness. Here are the best sources of probiotics for iron gut health:

  • Yogurt : a classic, one of the most consumed and most common. Apart from containing millionsof microorganisms, it is a source of proteins, vitamins and calcium.
  • Kefir : similar to yogurt but fermented from the kefir mushroom, it is also highly rich in probiotics and a source of calcium and vitamins.
  • Kimchi: typical dishor Korean, based on Chinese cabbage, known to be a food rich in probiotics, vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Sauerkraut : typical of central European regions that is made by fermenting white cabbage or cabbage. It also gives usvitamin C, folic acid and fiber.
  • Miso: fermented soybean paste that is widely used in Japanese cookbooks, both for soups and for stews and sauces. In addition, it contains fiber, vitamin K and potassium.
  • Tempeh: fermented soybeans, which apart from probiotics is rich in vegetable protein.

And these are just a few. As you can see, there is a wide variety of foods rich in probiotics that will help you have good digestive health, as well asyes like keeping her healthy. The natural solution to reduce infections, fight inflammation, constipation, improve digestion, heart health, boost the immune system and feel happy.

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Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale