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Raw Diet: What Does Science Say?

Raw Diet: What Does Science Say?

Mireia Cervera 11 May 2016
Within 3 months of eating a raw vegan diet, study participants improved their metabolic health in several ways.

Let's see what there is. There are several studies that researchers from Finland set up, where 21 volunteers with rheumatoid arthritis received a raw vegan diet for 3 months (v / pubmed / 8269890 "> 1 , 2 , 3 ). At the end of the study lThe volunteers improved in several aspects: they lost weight, had better blood tests, lower levels of lipids, cholesterol, improved intestinal flora and significantly reduced arthritis symptoms compared to thecontrol group that continued with their normal diet.

A study showed that the health of raw vegans is better in many respects than that of long-distance runners.

And cardiovascular health? In the aforementioned studies they already talk about various cardiovascular risk factors. For example, in the study by Rauma et al ,.(1993) in 3 months of the raw vegan diet the patients lost 9% of their initial weight. Another study showed that people who follow a raw diet have lower blood pressure thanpeople with a regular diet (104 ± 15 and 62 ± 11mm Hg) and blood lipid and cholesterol levels also lower ( 5 ). The same study found that
Apart from these results, there are manyThese studies with conclusions very much in favor of components of the raw vegan diet : fresh salads, fruits, juices, smoothies, nuts - all very rich foods, not only in flavor, but also in the amount of nuso healthy trientes necessary for our body. That is why it is not necessary to do 100% raw and nothing else. With what we introduce into our daily diet something raw of vegetable origin, it is enough. Actually, we all already eat something raw andn our diet, now it is a matter of increasing this part a little more and more, to make our body happier and healthier. after all, it is an investment in the future.

You're still thinking it's a modern poc moveo fiable...?


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Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale