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7 Rules and 5 Benefits of Healthy Bowls

7 Rules and 5 Benefits of Healthy Bowls

Mireia Cervera 09 May 2017

Healthy Bowls are colorful, healthy food, full of flavor, with a wide variety of ingredients in a single container. Surely you have seen on Instagram some beautiful photo with a bowl full of rich and delicious foods.healthy super appetizing and with a lot of color. But what exactly are bowls? Get to know this trend in depth and enjoy the suggestions that we propose so that you can prepare your own BOWLS.

A bowl full of delicious and healthy foods that are super appetizing and with lots of color.

Every time we have less time at noon to sit down to eat. The custom of having first, second, dessert and coffee is being lost or leaving for the weekend or special occasions. Healthy bowls are a great allythat adapts perfectly to the hectic pace of life, and that seduces with its colorful and healthy combinations. It is clear that the bowls have come to stay. They incorporate proteins, vitamins and antioxidants to fill your body with energy.the way you need, without leaving you feeling heavy. And the key to healthy bowls is to exclude all types of processed food, with the purpose of leading a healthy and sustainable life.

Main benefits of eating in a bowl:

  1. Feeling of union with food . The dishes and their shape determine the perception of what we eat. If the food is up to the edge of the bowl, it feels richer and more substantial.
  2. Better looking de food. When the food is presented in a bowl, with colorful combinations of foods, it has a better visual appearance and you want to eat it.
  3. Speed and versatility . In 5 minutes we can have prepared a single dish equispared and healthy, and logically, the task of cleaning the dishes is reduced even more.
  4. Control of quantities . In a bowl we control the quantities more and we tend to eat healthier.
  5. Greater attachment to the cskip. The shape of the bowl allows you to hold it and approach the bowl, feeling the aromas, the temperature and the weight of its contents.

One of the main advantages of eating in a bowl is the possibility of carrying out a dietbalanced easily and quickly, thanks to the wide variety of ingredients that can be used, mainly of vegetable origin. In addition, it helps us to enjoy food more thanks to the infinite possibilities it offers when it comes to eating.e combine shapes, colors and textures that enhance the sensory experience of food, giving greater importance to the sense of sight.

To ensure that it includes all the essential nutrients and that it really is a unique and complete dish, you just have to follow the following rules:

  1. A base of green leaves such as spinach, mézclum, lamb's lettuce, kale, arugula ...
  2. Raw vegetables to add color and a crunchy touch such as beets, radishes, carrots, peppers ... In addition, a new trend that is opening as a healthy alternative to pasta is zoodles, vegetables such as carrots, zucchini and beets cut in a spiral shape and very versatile when combining with any other product.
  3. Complex carbohydrates such asal-para-el-space "> quinoa , brown rice, millet, potato, farro ...
  4. Proteins such as those provided by avocado, nuts, seeds ...
  5. Cooked vegetables that give cBody to preparations such as roasted pumpkin , zucchini, asparagus , sweet potato <Baked with spices, sauteed carrot , steamed broccoli ...
  6. Healthy fats likethat avocado, nuts, seeds provide us ...
  7. A good sauce to blend that gives the bowl a touch of flavor and homogeneity to the dish such as a vinaigrette, hummus, yogurt sauce, tahini, citrus sauce.ica ...

These are just some ideas, you can customize your bowl with everything you want and create your own version of the perfect Healthy Bowl . Invent, create and achieve a combination that conquers the eyes. HowDo something is eaten in a bowl, tastes better, smells better, seems more balanced and healthier. What are you waiting for to try it at your next meal?

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale