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02 June 2020

Currently, up to 1/3 of the food produced worldwide is wasted, which is equivalent to 1.3 billion tons per year, according to data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Reduce that wasterro is one of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) established by the UN for 2030. And one of the keys to reducing it is to recycle food by creating new high-quality products from wasted ingredients, but perfectlynutritious. They are called UPCYCLED FOODS.

Spanish households threw away 1,339 million kilos / liters of food and drink in 2018.


Food waste greatly affects our environment. From the fresh water used to grow these ingredients that don't end up being used, to the excess ggreenhouse aces needed to break it down.

Food recycling has emerged in recent years for food producers to add value to surplus by-products or ingredients, which could otherwisen been wasted. Recycled foods or UPCYCLED FOODS are new high-quality products created from wasted ingredients, but perfectly nutritious. From vegetable stalks turned into crisp chips, leftoverof juice pulp transformed into delicious nachos, bread residues to make beer ...

Tasty, healthy and sustainable snacks.

Our commitment to the environment and society is firm, for eSo we are constantly improving the way we manage our effect on the planet and inspiring others to do the same.
One of our main efforts is the reduction of food waste and that is why, eAmong other challenges, we are creating a line of UPCYCLED products.

An example of this are our Cold-Pressed Nachos, made with the leftover fiber from the elaborationation of our line of cold-pressed juices. The result is unique: a very healthy crunchy snack (without being fried!), With surprising flavors and colors and sustainable. Dare to discover the 4 original flavors.
Seconds never wentn SO good: https://flaxandkale.com/cold-pressed-nachos

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Upcycled Foods in Flax & Kale