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Sports superfoods, are they necessary?

Sports superfoods, are they necessary?

Mireia Cervera 07 July 2016

There are many doubts about whether or not sports supplements are necessary. That is why, in this post, we will talk in detail about them and their suitability for consumption.

There are many brands, products andspecialty stores that offer a wide variety of supplements that supposedly give us energy, strength, speed, endurance and many other magical powers that promise the winning difference you need. Example of theit is protein powders, creatine, carnitine, amino acids, energy drinks , omega 3 ...

Although the advertising claims are most emotionals: "better recovery, greater endurance, more strength, fat loss." EVERYTHING is pure Marketing. As long as we follow a balanced, varied and natural diet ouro body will not need supplements to perform more. The mistake comes when we think that government laws protect us from exaggerated or unreliable claims that companies make about their products. But unfortunate mente, many of these products (but not all), do not contain, after analyzing them, what they say they have. In other words, they would not pass the control of the General Directorate of Pharmacy.

As a curious fact, athletes in general have an alimhealthier diet than people who do not practice sports and live versa; people who start to watch their eating habits suddenly start playing more sports.

All artificial supplements, such as gels, protePowdered proteins, energy bars, sports drinks can be avoided by eating in a balanced way or using homemade substitutes (raisins, dried apricots, dried figs, nuts, homemade smoothies ...). In this way we save on chemical additives andmoney.

  • Proteins . Everyone says that athletes need more protein intake. But it's not true ! No official recommendation (WHO, EFSA, etc.) has confirmed such a need (">1). But certainly, by default athletes consume more protein than the rest of the population. But this is obvious if we take into account that they consume more energy and therefore need eat more. Instead dIn a normal caloric diet of 2,000-2,200 calories, they can have, for example, a daily intake of about 4,000 Kilocalories and therefore, to achieve this, they must increase the intake of carbohydrates, protein and fat in general (">2).

We are currently consuming much more protein than recommended (over 10%). That is why the supplements
of protein are only necessary in the rare case that we do not eat foodrich in protein such as meat, fish,
legumes or nuts. In this case there is no other option.

Did you know that many of the supplements analyzed, especially the protein ones, contain between 5-10% of theanabolic and stimulant substances that are illegally not listed on the label? This way you get a better sports performance and you can't live without them.

  • Mineral or salt tablets. You don't need them either!
  • Gels If you like the texture of the gels, try a little honey. Dried fruits and fruit juices are also sources of carbohydrates.Simple devices ideal for not losing energy during the competition. Remember that for each part of carbohydrates we must take 10 parts of water. If you take 50 g of honey, you have to drink 400 ml of liquid to maintain aeportivas-home "> adequate hydration .
  • Sports drinks . We have already addressed the issue in previous posts. Just emphasize, that drinks isotIonic or other sports drinks are not necessary unless we do more than an hour and a half of intense exercise.
  • Bars . Like sports drinks, it is very easy to prepare our homemade versions. In the previous post we showed you how to prepare them with natural and healthy ingredients. On the internet you can also find a lotof recipes for homemade bars much healthier than those for purchase.
  • Vitamins and minerals . If we eat a balanced, varied and natural diet vitamin B12 supplements be indicated. Iron supplements,They would also be indicated for vegans and raw vegans, but even in these cases, if adequate dietary guidelines are followed, it would not be necessary. For example, we must include iron-rich products on a daily basis (lentils, chickpeas, seaweed, molassesa, almonds, brown rice, spinach, apples, and seafood such as mussels and clams), and accompany them with foods rich in vitamin C (raw fruits and vegetables), which help increase their absorption.

So what are the best supplements for athletes?

  1. Training (Train, train, train ...)
  2. Food (Complex Carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and legumes).
  3. Rest (minimum sleep 7 to 8 hours a day).


Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale