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The superpowers of vegetables

Talk 14: The superpowers of vegetables

Mireia Cervera 17 May 2017

Once again on April 16, our Ramon Barri Auditorium opened its doors to celebrate our Flax & Kale Talk 14, by the hand of Doctor in nutrition Anna Funtikova , Biologist, Master in Nutrition and Metabolism andNutritional Coach.

The plant world is full of foods that have almost magical properties for our body. Among all these foods there are some that stand out especially for their extraordinary nutritional properties,almost medicinal. Did you know that, according to the WHO, a sufficient consumption of fruits and vegetables could save up to 1.7 million lives each year? In this Talk, our Nutrition Doctor, Anna Funtikova, explained to us aboutentertaining and understanding way the properties and "superpowers" of plant foods to extend our quality of life.

He also told us about the importance of plant-based fats and fiber for our health.

The speaker began the Talk by saying that currently a large part of registered medicines come from nature, specifically plants. These include certain antibiotics, as well as aspirin and morphine. In thes ancient civilizations of the East, Egypt and Greece were already resorting to plants in order to obtain health remedies.

Within our diet, explained the Doctor, vegetables stand out among the foods that most anantioxidants concentrate. Antioxidants are substances capable of protecting cells from the effects of free radicals (molecules produced when the body breaks down food or by environmental exposure to tobacco smoke and lradiation). Free radicals can damage cells and increase the risk of some diseases.

He also told us about the importance of plant-based fats and fiber for our health. The assistants perpThey far learned that plant-based fat increases our basal metabolism by 11% by activating the enzyme carnitine palmitoyltranferase that increases the transport of fats for energy.

After explaining the virtues of plant foods in general, Dr. Anna Funtikova told us about the "superpowers" of some plant families: cabbages, berries, nuts, seeds and de species. All of them very common foods in our homes and easy to prepare and use.

Anna also explained to us that India, one of the poorest countries in West Asia, has 5 to 23 times less incidence ofCancer. One possible explanation is the daily consumption of turmeric. Recent studies reveal that curcumin (turmeric's natural coloring) effectively fights tumor cells of the breast, brain, blood, colon, kidney, liver,lung and skin.

In addition to talking about the many benefits of plant foods, the speaker also gave many examples and ideas of how to use and prepare them at home to take advantage of all their virtues.

When the Doctor finished, question time was opened, and as always, dishes related to the Talk were served as tastings. In this Talk, dishes rich in vegetables with "superpowers" were chosen: beta-carotene hummus and cUrcuma with raw vegan kale cracker and a glass of chocolate with chia and coconut cream.

If you couldn't attend the event or just want to see the talk again, don't miss our channeltLpO4CZqYp-d_gNDVmA "> YouTube, where we are publishing all the Talks.

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale