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Strong Immune Defense Kit (6 zumos)

Strong Immune Defense Kit (6 zumos)

Face the enemies of your health with this pack full of vitamin C and natural antibiotics and forget about colds!

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Be Strong. Be Immune.

Who has not resorted to taking medications or supplements to fight flu, colds, infections, weakness, decay and disease states in general?

Our immune system is responsible for protecting us from attackof most external radical agents that manage to sneak into our body. Help your system to be in perfect condition in a totally natural way with our delicious cold-pressed juices from the Strong Immune Defense Kit pack.Full of vitamin C and natural antibiotics to increase the defenses of your body and keep it always high, ready to defend "the front" from enemies, which are nothing more than diseases that deteriorate our health.

Conservation and consumption

If you want more information on the conservation and consumption methods of chilled beverages, consult our frequently asked questions section.

Although it sounds like a heavy metal group to you, free radicals are reactive molecules that are associated with the damage and aging of cells. And although it may not seem like it, in themselves they are necessary for our body but there must be a balance betweenre free radicals and antioxidants. Antioxidants are vitamins and minerals responsible for protecting our cells and mitigating the effects of free radicals by balancing this balance.

Sometimes our immune system tends to weaken. A poor diet, stress, depressive states, sedentary lifestyle ... can prevent it from fulfilling its basic functions, making us more susceptible to flu, colds and differents types of infections that can take a lot of quality out of your life and damage your health. Do not worry, below we propose simple and useful tips that will help you know how to strengthen your immune system and increase defenses toThis way, you can prevent diseases and improve your health.

Especially in the autumn and winter seasons, do not stop taking our STRONG IMMUNE DEFENSE PACK, it is ideal to strengthen the immune system and prevent flu and colds.

Eat well, do not lack in your diet vegetables, fruit,legumes and whole grains. Do not forget to include foods rich in vitamin C, such as citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwi, tomatoes ... which help protect your immune system. Do not miss onions and garlic either, since they have an antiviral effect.go to very important.

Get regular moderate intensity exercise. An active lifestyle stimulates the immune system and strengthens health to avoid illnesses such as the simple cold and serious illnesses such as el cancer.
Respect the night's rest, sleep around 8 hours, since some of the defense cells are produced during rest.

Do not smoke or drink alcohol, they fill our body with toxins and make us morevulnerable to certain infections.
Manage your stress. Chronic stress is a proven enemy of the immune system.

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