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The menu is full of new ingredients and preparations from around the world, made to show you, once again, that with #flaxandkale, the world of tasty, healthy and sustainable food has no limits.
Research and innovation are the engine that helps us overcome each challenge and evolve, to surprise you and bring you closer to the fascinating world of healthy flexitarian cuisine. Remember that we are what we eat and that daily food is aone of the great keys for your immune system to be healthy and strong.

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"Flax & Kale is the most in and aims well up." The world
"The kitchen arrives with products to lead a healthier life" Vanity El Confidential
"Healthy food no longer has anything to do with gastronomic sadness." The newspaper
"Healthy restaurants to take care of yourself outside the home too." Hola.com
"It is impossible to go to the Flax & Kale and not fall in love there." Lecool Barcelona
"Its delicious eco friendly menu serves all kinds of delicacies." Travel Luxury
"They offer incredible flavors and take care of the planet." Cosmopolitan


  • Renewable energy

    Renewable energy

    To contribute to the achievement of goal 7 of the SDGs, Flax & Kale sources 100% of energy that comes from renewable and inexhaustible sources. Our suppliers must certify a 100% green energy source. This energy comes from: eWind energy, photovoltaic solar energy, energy valuation (from waste), biogas, biomass and hydraulic energy.

  • Water osmosis

    Water osmosis

    We use Reverse Osmosis technology to purify the water that supplies our restaurants. For the optimization of resources, we developed a project to use the excess water from reverse osmosis in our sinks and thus closerar the cycle of water use.


In 2014, in the Plaza Castella in the center of Barcelona, we found the ideal place to give life to our first Flax and Kale in an old two-story building. After rehabilitating it, we turned it into a space with a New York aesthetic and unique in theBarcelona.

Modern and fresh, with more than 800m with high ceilings, large windows, open kitchen, private rooms and where vegetation is a key element of the interior design of the premises.

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